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Join Raven and his guest Maureen Brown, on 3-21-2010 at 5pm on “Make No Bones About It”.

The following commentary may be a senitive one for any younger listeners. There are many stories that are hard to share, boarding schools, forced sterliation, re-location, termiation, and the topic of abortion. Tune in to 89.3 FM and listen to Maureen Brown story. For me Raven, I know in my heart it is through the sharing of our stories true healing comes.

Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the my guest not “KAOS RADIO 89.3 FM”.

Join Raven and his guest Maureen Brown as she share here story of and decision to terminate her two pregnancies that had a profound negative effect on her. Tune in and hear her profound story.

Maureen Brown is a First Nation, Cree woman who lives in Northern Manitoba . Maureen is a public speaker and main spokeswoman for Northern Connections, a First Nations group who travel internationally to share their faith through cultural expressions. She is also a First Nations advocate and a former elected leader of her community. Maureen was taught growing up that life is sacred, a tenet in her culture. The Creator gives life and He alone takes it. Yet the so called, pre-abortion “counseling” assured her that “it is just tissue,” not a real human being. They lied! These professionals gave her the nerve to go against all that she had learned from the elders about the sanctity of life. Maureen believes that if she had been told the truth about fetal development, she never would have followed through with the two abortions. The guilt and shame associated with abortion is something she can identify with. Maureen’s decision to terminate her two pregnancies had a profound negative effect on her. It is only now that this door to share her story on this experience is opening up for her. Once again, she is amazed with the weave of love, forgiveness, and hope that is emerging from this area of her life. She is now married and a mother of 4, they live in Northern Manitoba Canada.

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Evening with Roderick Harris

Join Raven and his guest Roderick Jimmy, of the Nooksack Tribe, has been performing and composing since childhood. Roderick’s mother, Vera Harris, her native name being Sotia, had a profound influence on Roderick’s musical development. His first CD, entitled: Sotia’s Love, was released in 2002. Roderick is also a classically trained pianist and has performed in numerous venues, including the Seattle Opera House. Roderick is one of the most talented Native American wood flute players in the Northwest. His style encompasses a range of music from Native American, Church, chants, to more contemporary sounds. Currently, he is working on his second CD, Yellow Cedars Pride and Joy, which will be dedicated to his father, Tom Harris. In his free time, Roderick teaches moccasin making.

Raven Redbone say “Thanks” for all your support!

 Many thanks to all of you for your loving support over the last 1.5 years of “Make No Bones About”. Over the past few months we have heard many stories from our local community and beyond. Such guests like Chief Phil Lane Jr, Larry McNeil, Doug Meyer  and many more. With your help it has been a huge success. We have been able to continue to educate, promote, and highlighting all of our ancestral pasts, and make a great contribution to our world.  The support of you the listener, and KAOS 89.3 Radio, I know helped in bringing  my vision to the airwaves which is uniting our human family, coming together of knowledge through the love of our earth,  also more importantly we have successfully given a voice to the First Peoples and the voiceless.

The show is approaching its 2 year anniversary this coming Spring (April 6, 2010). Through the past year Make No Bones about it has reached many new levels. One of which I am really excited about,  and working towards making the show ready for syndication up north in Snohomish County on WSER 90.7 FM public radio.

We have reached out to the world in many ways to tell our stories of our interconnectedness.  It makes me very excited. With your support, feedback given, calling in during pledge, and the many wonderful guests that have either came into KAOS or called in for a conversation have been amazing. “Make No Bones About.” has become a part of our community both local and global. This has happened because of the shared vision, wisdom of our Elders, support of the People in our community, and KAOS 89.3 FM. Through our shared wisdom we have been able to build bridges and open our hearts.  I am looking forward to serving you our community for many more years.

Again a big THANK YOU!

I invite you to tune in on Sunday evenings at 5pm – but stay for g.w. host of “View from a Shore” at 6pm too- you’ll be glad you did. If there is any native event, or issues that you the listener think we all should know about I ask you to e-mail me at

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Protecting the Sacred


Evening with Eli Painted Crow

Join Raven and his guest Eli Painted Crow on KAOS radio this Sunday, 1-10-2010 AT 5 PM.

COME LISTEN IN TO WHAT HAPPENING WITH  Eli PaintedCrow is a 22 yr. retired Army Veteran who served in Iraq in 2004. A Native American from the Yaqui Nation, grandmother of 8, a mother of 2 sons who both served in the military, she has been called upon by her conscious and her spirit to play and pray for peace.

The vision for the drumming and coming together of women to drum for the peace of the world is from Eli PaintedCrow. We drummed from dawn on Friday continuously until noon on Monday. The drums never stopped. Kaya, the grandmother drum held the drum beat for the entire time. Sometimes there were only a few drummers on site and other times there were several hundred people gathered together. The sense of wonder, power, community, love, sharing and the force behind the prayer for peace was incredible and extremely moving.

You are invited to an evening with Robert Greygrass

Join Raven and his guest Robert Greygrass on Sunday, 1.17.2010 on KAOS 89.3 fm radio. Tune in at 5 pm!

Come join Raven and his guest Robert Greygrass. Robert’s name in Lakota is Tagniokikpeensi. I’m Lakota, talagee, French and Irish.

Robert Owens-Greygrass ; published writer, storyteller, actor, and wellness consultant, working internationally for 15 years. An incredible polio survivor in ways physically “normal” people don’t do, he has been called by some, the poster boy for disabled persons.

He is a company member with Native Voices at the Autry, appearing on stage with them many times and has toured internationally with the Native Voices show Salvage.

From 1995 to 1996, on stage with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) 1996-97 on school tour for OSF.

Greygrass’ corporation, D’White Dog Productions LLC, keeps him touring, with his unique style to countless Schools, festivals, universities, the United Nations, prisons, and theaters. Hecontinues to produce and tour his two original one-man plays, Walking on Turtle Island and Ghost-lands of an Urban NDN, which both received critical acclaim in 2005, in Los Angeles.

In 2008 Robert wrote, starred and executive produced his 20 minute short film pilot, “Walking on Turtle Island”. Which had it’s premier as an official selection at the Ashland independent film Festival in April 2009.
Also a comedian Robert has hit some stages in L A, such as the Improv on Melrose, the Ice House, Smiles, and is hitting the college circuit with his sharp hysterical new show; “ Scalped…! What’s in my Head.”

Chief Phil Lane Jr Interview

Chief Phil Lane Jr on KAOS 89.3